The superb work done by Dr. Murugu that brought back my husband encouraged me to write this testimony, to motivate anybody out there fighting to sustain his or her relationship that there is still hope and ways to get back your lover because letting go will never heal a wounded heart, but finding the total cure does. I am a happy woman today because of the right decisions and steps I took to fight for the man I want to spend my entire life with and also the father of my child. I had hope when I came across information and testimonies online by people writing on how their partner returned to them after a love spell from Dr. Murugu via his email Before the love spell, I keep wondering how my husband moved from being a loving and caring father to a vile and nasty person overnight without reason, unlike him. I searched myself to the ground and did not see the wrong I have done that made him pick up a bag of his clothes to his friend's basement just five days to our eleventh anniversary without saying a word. I love him with every breath in me and I can do anything to make him love me again. The testimonies and information I got about Dr. Murugu became my only hope after several failed attempts to get him back after he was gone for two weeks.


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